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The Social Sci-Fi Podcast

Dec 13, 2019

Hello again, and welcome to another episode of Social Sci-Fi. We got off track with a couple of special episodes about VoltCon 2019, but we have returned to close out the year with the holiday episode of Doctor Who, and last episode of the podcast for 2019.

In this 2019 New Year Episode, the Doctor and the crew come across a group of archaeologists that have dug up one of the Doctor's old foes. Watching it with Lizz this month is Kendra, Luisanna, and Rachel. They discuss the episode, talk about the Series 12 trailer that had dropped just a day before they recorded, and they talk about the projects they're working on in 2020.

So plug in your headphones, pour yourself a nice cup of tea, and sit back and listen for the next hour and twenty! Thank you for joining me for Year One. Wishing you all well in 2020!


Time stamps!

  • 0:01 – 0:21 “Postcards” by Scott Holmes
  • 0:20 – 1:18:39 – Introductions, discussion about “Resolution”
  • 1:18:39 – 1:20:08 “Epic Cinematic” by Scott Holmes
  • 1:18:58 – 1:20:02 Outro

Links of note!

All notes for this episode can be found at

Thank you all for listening! As always, be excellent to each other, and to yourselves! We’ll see you all soon!