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The Social Sci-Fi Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

Hello again, and welcome to another episode of Social Sci-Fi.

And now for something completely different.

Maybe not COMPLETELY different, but different enough I felt I should warn you. This time around we looked at science fiction in the 1970's. It all started with a conversation with a friend at work about the science fiction we grew up on. One of those ADHD conversations that starts with Star Trek, and ends up with Planet of the Apes, and "you know what other Science Fiction movie Charlton Hesston is in? Soylent Green." She couldn't believe I hadn't seen Soylent Green and so I had to watch and SPOILER ALERT it is made of people. Once I saw it I had to see more 70's science fiction. I didn't watch as many as I wanted to and there are some I did watch that didn't make it in the podcast. We avoided the biggest ones, like Star Wars and Star Trek, for the most part, instead choosing to focus on a wide range of dystopian, utopian, and space adventures and aliens. I'm not sure it is possible to represent a whole decade in one podcast episode, but we did our best.  When choosing what to watch, I didn't give much thought to the social issues, but the 70's did not let me down. There was tons to talk about and it got me thinking about doing a decade review for a few episodes before I go back to the original plan for 2021. So, next month we'll look at the 80's.

This month we had one new and one returning guest and you can find more information about them below. Stick around to see who joins me next month. I didn't scare Melissa off and I'm pretty sure Chrissy will be back for more adventures too! If you're new here, check out season one and season two while you wait for new episodes. Thanks for joining us, plug in your headphones and enjoy. Don't forget to check out the links for our guests and for other things mentioned in the episode.

Time stamps!

  • 0:01 – 0:18 “Storybook” by Scott Holmes
  • 0:17 – 2:55 – Introductions, intro to subject
  • 2:28 - 1:19:31 - Discussion
  • 1:19:31 - 1:33:58 - Wrap up, where to find guests
  • 1:33:12 – 1:35:25 “Epic Cinematic” by Scott Holmes
  • 1:34:16 – 1:35:12 Outro

Links of note!

All notes for this episode can be found at

Thank you all for listening! As always, be excellent to each other, and to yourselves! We’ll see you all soon!