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The Social Sci-Fi Podcast

Oct 11, 2019

Happy Friday, readers and listeners! We are back with another episode of the Social Sci-Fi Podcast! This month, Lizz starts getting to the end of Doctor Who series 11 with the episode "It Takes You Away." She is joined by Kendra and Rachel to watch, and discuss, the episode that takes the crew to the fjords of modern day Norway, where they encounter a long-lost face.

This episode comes in at under an hour, so it's perfect for your lunch break! You know, if your lunch break is approximately sixty minutes. Otherwise, it will help fill a couple of lunch breaks! So, sit back, plug in, and listen to the crew talk about Who!


 Time stamps!

  • 0:01 - 0:20 "Postcards" by Scott Holmes
  • 0:19 - 40:27 - Introductions, discussion about "It Takes You Away"
  • 40:27 - 41:55 “Epic Cinematic” by Scott Holmes
  • 40:46 - 41:55 Outro

Links of note!

All notes for this episode can be found at

Thank you all for listening! As always, be excellent to each other, and to yourselves! We’ll see you all soon!